Dependable. Innovative. Responsible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best full service rigging company in the US by being dependable, innovative and responsible. We strive to do what we say, safely, efficiently and effectively; while exceeding customer expectations.

Our Purpose

The purpose of DIR is to glorify God by providing an opportunity for His people to use their skills and gifts in His service through constructive work, personal witness and ministry funding.

Our Values

  • Safety - Evaluate risk, plan to mitigate it to protect customers, our team, the public and property.
  • Focus - on the potential of and work for the success of our customers and fellow team mates as if it is our own success on the line.
  • Ingenuity - Think about, discuss and implement ideas that make us better.
  • Stewardship - take seriously the opportunity to wisely invest time, talent and capital for the benefit of others.
  • Respect - Soberly respect others and the work we do. Both matter.
  • Perseverance - Remember that any meaningful goal is achieved through dogged persistence and staying engaged.
  • Teamwork - We are a team that needs each members' contribution to achieve our mission.

Mission Critical Market

DIR is a full service rigging contractor that specializes in enterprise and collocation data center construction. We are a national company based in Virginia with a strong portfolio and passion for turn key data center electrical and mechanical rigging projects. We have partnered with some of the leading contractors in the mission critical construction market to build some of the most complex data centers in the world. We understand the high level pain of equipment delivery down to the smallest attention to detail when setting electrical panels. Our experience is second to none which complements our clients biggest pain: speed to market.

Local Market

DIR is a first and foremost a full service rigging contractor to our local Virginia market. We have been serving the local market for almost a decade. Some of the markets we service include manufacturing, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, mining, power generation, power transmission and road & bridge construction. We perform work regularly in the surrounding area direct with owners and through existing electrical and mechanical contractors. We have the knowledge and relationships in place to meet all your local rigging needs.