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Team Skittles Sponsorship

Diversified Industrial Rigging supports local softball team for their summer league and tournament play.
Below is a letter of appreciation from the players and parents of the team

Good morning,
On behalf of the parents and players of Team Skittles, please let everyone involved know that the sponsorship for this weekend’s Salem Fair 4th of July Tournament was very much appreciated.  The parents and girls all commented on how much fun they had and wanted to convey their appreciation to you as well.  This was our team’s first game and tournament we ever played.  We played into Sunday’s brackets and went 1-2 on Sunday.  We competed well as a team in all five games.

One note I would like to mention is that I had questions during the tournament about your individual companies asking what you do, where you are at, and what services you provide.  There were also comments on how awesome it is to have companies to work with that support you.  In that I would like you to know that there was value added to your sponsorships.

The biggest takeaway is that the parents and girls want to keep it going and it was a good experience for them.  We have a good group that is already talking about keeping them together as much as possible.

None of this would have been possible without your help.  I have attached pictures from the weekend to show you what you made possible.

Thanks again and have a great Fourth of July Holiday,
Aaron Dowdy Mobile:  434-420-3239

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